So, you’ve inherited farmland and want to honor your family legacy by being a good steward. But, you’ve been away from the farm for years and, WOW farming has sure changed since then! You aren’t sure what your land is capable of producing, or even where to start. You know you want to keep the farm in the family, but the thought of making all the decisions is admittedly overwhelming.

Or maybe you’ve farmed for decades, but you’re ready to slow down so you can just enjoy life. You’d rather have someone else worry about grain marketing, field tile, insurance, grain storage, crop rotation, and government programs – the never-ending list of decisions that make farming operations successful, but also stressful.

Whatever your circumstances for considering professional farm management, we understand and are here to help. We would be glad to talk with you about how our services can bring you additional flexibility, profitability, and most importantly peace of mind that your land is achieving its potential without requiring a lot from you.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you can expect from our professional farm management team. Some clients utilize all these services and more, while others only choose specific areas for support. We will tailor our services to fit your individual needs, and manage every detail with care as if it were our own land. Please give us a call so we can learn more about you, your land, and your goals.

Detailed Communication

  • Accessibility to your farm manager via phone or email 24/7
  • Transparent communication regarding farm conditions and activities including written reporting, phone and email communication, personal visits and owner farm tours
  • Hands-on management; we will frequently visit your farm to assess its condition and ensure the operation is running smoothly
  • Quarterly and annual reporting on yield and production, and other pertinent information that equips you to simply and accurately evaluate your land investment

Financial Advantage

  • Financial analysis with budget and cash flow projections
  • Research and execution of capital improvements to maximize yield potential, upon owner approval
  • Farm analysis under different lease alternatives to project income and expenses
  • Negotiation and collection of all income and/or rents
  • Detailed accounting of all financial activity including expense payments
  • Price reduction on input costs and insurance due to volume discounts

Procedural Streamlining

  • Crop marketing decision-making
  • Government farm program management
  • Comprehensive analysis and selection of chemicals, crop rotation, fertilizer and seed
  • Lease term updates to ensure relevancy in the current market
  • Analysis and recommendations for any capital projects
  • Secure adequate insurance