“The successful sale of our family farm was largely the result of your great professional teamwork.”
- Seller of 590 acres in 2013

Realizing the complexities of the land market, Worrell Land Services offers a variety of real estate services. Factoring in market dynamics, property uniqueness and seller objectives, sometimes public auction is the best strategy. Sometimes a private listing makes more sense. Our team of land experts will work with you to fully explore your goals and evaluate them against current market conditions; the ultimate goal is to pursue the sale method that lends itself to achieving your greatest investment potential.

When public auction is deemed the best sale strategy, our team will develop a customized auction marketing strategy to attract serious bidders through a comprehensive promotional approach, including leveraging our extensive relationships with land investors. Multi-parcel or single-tract, we are well-experienced in buyer coordination and event logistics for any scenario. Worrell Land Services’ licensed auctioneer, Darrell Moore, in conjunction with our attentive ringmen, skillfully work the room to secure incremental bids. Auction clients often comment regarding the professionalism and effectiveness of our team in ensuring a successful sale – from the initial consultation until the ink is dry at closing. We welcome the opportunity to prove the same level of service to you.

Public Auction advantages include:

  • Time and money savings as a result of predetermined sale conditions.
  • Increased sale price potential in a hot or increasing land market due to the competitive bidding atmosphere.
  • Emotionally-fueled bids often higher than bidders indicated in advance.
  • Sale closing is defined in advance, allowing for a concentrated marketing effort. All potential buyers are aware they must be prepared to bid.
  • And more!

For a high-level comparison of public auction versus private listing, view a Sale Method Comparison.

Our auction fee schedule has no hidden costs, so you can rest assured your profit potential is maximized. Worrell Land Services is ready to handle all your auction needs – from farmland to homes. Please call for a no-obligation consultation to discuss the real estate brokerage option that best aligns with your goals.